Blustery wedding weekend in Carmel, California 2014. 

Blustery wedding weekend in Carmel, California 2014. 

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Selected Clients

Seattle Children's Hospital, BaDi Dance Studio, Schick Shadel Hospital, Young Professionals International Network, Barlean's, Seattle Food Bank, Project V Distillery, International Foot and Ankle Association, Chinatown International District Business Improvement Area, Witness Bar, Certified Holistic Health and LIfe Coach: Julie Santiago, TempleRo Clothing, Davidson Hart Kingsbery Band. 


I have also photographed weddings and events in Switzerland, Austria, Mexico, England, Indonesia, Alaska, Oregon, Idaho, Washington, California, etc. Love experiencing the local flavor and natural beauty unique to each location.  

I volunteer with these great organizations as well-check out these links and consider participating! 

Soul's whole team and story is amazing- and has brought me to some of the most meaningful moments/shoots in my life


Environmental Science Center

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